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... And More!

I specialize in getting things done.

Truth #1: I recognize and celebrate the many talents of others -

especially those I don't have myself.

Truth #2: My own special place in the world is 

listening to the needs and hopes of a partner or team; 

taking stock of all known and unknown resources;

and building thoughtful, elegant, and successful solutions for all.

Taking these truths into account, my greatest professional achievements come when I am able to share my unique skillset to allow others to SHINE their light brightly for all. This comes from a process of:




Have an idea or project in mind? Want to talk it through with someone?

And/or just need some help with research or timeline and budgeting?


Put me in coach, I want to save you some time and make your life better!​



Collaborative Thinking

This is just the first step in building a beautiful new thing!


And who wouldn't benefit from a collaborative thought partner to brainstorm and conceptualize your plans, hopes, and dreams?

I'm a strong listener and creative thinker and my laughter can open the door to even neater ideas. Fact.



Who loves an a good ole' fashioned research project?

This gal! NERD ALERT!

In your discovery phase, I can help you identify and research whatever needs to be known.

I can also research simple histories, context, feasibility info, and recommendations of any kind!


Project Management

This is where the magic truly happens.


Once your idea is designed and researched, I can help you create an action plan with a timeline and budget, as well as stay on track for the most positive outcome!


Also, need help with managing a home renovation? Moving? Something else? I got you!

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